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Chakra Crop top

Image of Chakra Crop top

Part 2 of our new collection "WE ARE ALL VIBRATIONAL BEING", Here is the Red 396 Hz Chakra sweat. At the front we've put a type of "identification" label, with the main characteristics of this chakra, as well as its symbol. The 1st Root chakra is called Muladhara, it's located around the perineum. It's vibrational colour is red, it is linked to the earth element and its prime quality is grounding (feeling safe and secure). On the sleeve we've put the 396 Hz, which is the frequency of the root chakra. The sound frequency 396 Hz turns grief into joy and free the person from fear, which enable the person to achieve their goal. This type of frequency can easily be found on youtube by searching 396Hz. At the back we've put our Borderline symbol. This crop top has no ribbing on the arms or bottom, as we wanted a more boxy look. The model is 165cm. Those tops are handmade/custom made using black sweatshirt fabric. There is 7 chakras, please have a look through our other listing if you want another colour/chakra. All order will be sent recorded delivery.