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Clear Quartz Unisex Hoodie

Image of Clear Quartz Unisex Hoodie

Part 1 of our new collection "WE ARE ALL VIBRATIONAL BEING", here is the white Clear Quartz black hoodie. Unisex hoodie (weight:280g/m2).
The white colour represents the 7th Crown chakra, and one of the crystal which balances it, is the Clear Quartz (which comes as a removable bullet shaped pendant). The chemical properties of this Clear Quartz crystal is at the front. The healing properties of the Clear Quartz pendant and the advantaged of wearing it, is that it channels energy, it helps with meditation and focusing the mind, it is a "feel better stone" and improve the quality of life by dispelling negativity. On the sleeves we've put the planet Uranus which represents this 7th white Crown Chakra. The planet Uranus represent the spiritual connection with the Source, The Universe, the light that shows us the way. We've also included the symbol of Uranus within the name. On the back of the hoodie we've put our symbol in white, as well as our logo, at the bottom right side. We've made 7 different coloured graphic hoodies which represent each chakra (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white). So read through all of them and pick the one which resonates the best with you. The male model is 180cm and the girl is 165cm, they are both wearing the size XL.
All orders will be sent recorded delivery.// Thank you again for your support! Chest measurement in inches (tape all around the chest): S(38) M(42) L(44) XL(46) 2XL(48) 3XL(50) Length in cm (from back neck): S(68.5) M(71) L(73.5) XL(76) 2XL(78.5) 3XL(81)